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Adolescent Gynecology

Here for YOU

Our physicians provide routine gynecologic care and assessment for women of all ages. Adolescence can be a difficult transition into womanhood, and gynecologists may play an important role in young women gaining a healthy perspective of their sexual development and well-being.

Open and Honest

Peachtree Women’s Specialists strives to provide a safe place for open discussion in understanding what is normal and abnormal, without worry of feeling embarrassed. Our role is to educate by building trust, promoting safety, encouraging healthy habits, and by clarifying common misconceptions that teens and parents might have.

What we cover

Typical subjects we may address at adolescent visits include puberty, management of periods, sexual activity and orientation, pregnancy prevention, education about sexually transmitted infections and the human papillomavirus, as well as discussion of drug and alcohol use. In most cases, a pelvic examination is not needed to provide this care. If an exam is required, it is only performed with the patient’s complete permission.

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recommends that the first visit to a gynecologist should take place when a young woman is 13–15 years old. Currently, a woman’s first pap test is recommended at age 21.

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